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DDOCast 403 – Raid Caliber Tanks

Voodu Spyce & Chai join Patrick for a lengthy discussion about Raid Caliber Tank! We talk about build ideas, skills to work on, and how to becoming a great tanking player! We also talk about the U28.1 release, balance changes, and the Night Revels Preview!

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Raid Caliber Tanks – 2:25
Should a tank be your first character? – 1:04:45
News – 1:19:20
The Night Revels – 1:36:22
Lightning Post & Closing – 1:54:15

U28.1 Release Notes
The Night Revels Guide
Saga of Amastris: Date with Evil
Order of Syncletica: Zen Balance
Axel DDO: Update 28 Review
Voodu: Night Revels
Shady Rogues: Tide Turns
Ditrywilliamwj: Update 28.1

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  • Just caught the 401 episode on explorer areas.
    1. Do ALL of the explorer areas increase mob spawns based on party size or is it only the newer ones? Say, MOTU and later as opposed to…Korthos 🙂 Can you give us a list of the areas that scale vs. those that don’t if it’s not that cut and dried?
    I tend to call all the hirelings i can to fill party size in wildernesses just in case it does scale. But they’re usually just in the way and end up parked in a safe spot. If I had this information, i’d know when not to bother.
    2. Do all hirelings scale the same amount or does it depend on their level? Will the permanent lvl 3 gold seal cause just as many more spawns as a lvl 25 owlbear or a lvl 25 regular hireling?
    Thank Shamgar and all your guests. keep your ddocasts coming.



    October 27, 2015

  • as far as i know its mostly the upper new explorer areas that scale based on party size but I dont have a list that I can give for that. Its pretty obvious the areas that do though, solo you only run into packs of 2-3, get some more players in and theres way more.

    hirelings should all scale the same, but a player will scale more, just like in a normal quest.



    October 28, 2015