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DDOCast 398 – Raising DDO Players

Joining DDOCast this week is Judye from Confessions of a Geek Mom to talk with us about Raising DDO Players and some tips and tactics for having an enjoyable DDO experience for parent and child alike! Then Chai joins us to talk about 2 weeks of game news and the release of U28 to Lammania!

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Raising DDO Players – 2:36
News – 36:21
Lightning Post – 1:11:03
Closing – 1:19:36

U28 Release Notes
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DDO Chronicle 159
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Shady Rogues: Necro 1 Tombs
Micki’s Delirium: DoJ Video
Dungeon Rider: Faithful Companions
Axel: Update 27 Review
Dirty William: Guild Strongholds?
Dan Kimber: Stone of Change
Order of Syncletica: Poisonmaster Back in Epics
DDO Players News: Stormreach Campaign Giveaway
DDOGamer: Tempest Enhancement Review
DDO Gamer: Feybuckler
Confessions of a Geek Mom: Level 10
Saga of Amastris: Barbarian Build

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