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DDOCast 394 – DDO Debates: The Big Important Stuff

Lessah guest moderates this installment of DDO Debates that covers the big important things in DDO right now – so big that our panel needed an extra person! Enjoy Samius Gurobo, Axel, Chai & Shamgar as they discuss and debate several topics!

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DDO Debates – 1:22
Do we need a new difficulty? What should the new difficulty be? – 7:04
What is the worst designed raid? – 27:34
What do you want to see for a raid? – 41:41
Are classes balanced with each other and the game? What class is over performing? What class is underperforming? – 52:03
Are monster champions good for the game? Are they working? – 1:03:47
What game system needs to be revisited and/or expanded? – 1:13:56
Did the armor up PRR/MRR changes go to far?  Are they too good? – 1:25:44
What should the necessary XP look like to get to level 30? – 1:37:58
What should the new DnD movie be? – 1:44:18
Closing – 1:53:50

  • First off, “Savage Biiiiiiiiiiite!!!!”. 2nd, some effort to combine all the crafting systems would be quite welcome, even if there were a transmutationist in the 12 that could offer a 10:1 exchange from one system to another or a master crafting item that is 20:1 from random items. 3rd, related to lvl 30 xp, it would be nice if you could perform an epic TR once you have 6 million epic XP instead of capped.



    August 18, 2015

  • So, I did mean 6 million xp requirement for ETR before you can spend the 6 million karma. Similar to how you can heroic TR after you get to lvl 20.



    August 26, 2015