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DDOCast 392 – Hats, Helms & Headgear

Cordovan and Patrick discuss hats, helms and headgear this week in our latest DDOCast episode.  We also talk about U27 and Cordovan shares a few behind the scenes goings on!

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Round Table – 3:39
News – 50:17
Lightning Post – 1:42:18
Closing – 1:47:18

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  • My 2 favorite cosmetic headgear items are the gold party hat (DDO store freebie) and the skull fetish mask (original from Titan raid). Even the original item is nice for ML 9 necro spec. Underneath, I tend to use a greensteel HP item like you’ve mentioned in the episode. Hope you can schedule a week out of the next several months to talk about the other non-weapon slots to highlight gear discussions!



    August 7, 2015

  • that is the plan!



    August 8, 2015