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DDOCast 391 – DDO Debates: U27 & XP Changes

Its another DDO Debates hosted by Turbine’s Community Manager Cordovan with DDOCentral, Kantouch & Shamgar debating U27 & the XP changes! We also hit the game news and give a snapshot into the DDO community!

NOTE: these answers are before the changes went live and are our perceptions leading up to launch.

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DDO Debates – 1:40
-Do we like the XP changes? Will it encourage grouping/raiding? – 4:34
-Should we be allowed to turn off bravery streak? – 16:20
-What U27 feature is the best change/addition to the game? – 23:09
-Which U27 item is the best item? – 30:19
-What kind of warlock should be your first? – 37:14
-What damaging or enemy-debuffing on-hit weapon proc or special effect do you feel is the most useful in DDO? – 44:30
-What monster do we want to see added to DDO? – 52:32
News -1:02:19
Lightning Post – 1:36:19
Closing – 1:36:57

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  • Hi
    I’d love to hear a debate on the best range build for epics. Rogue with great cross bow? Pally arcane archer? Monkcher? I’m sure there are others.



    August 1, 2015