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DDOCaSplat! 31 – Mikar’s 10 Week Challenge: Week 10 Devil’s Assault

MikarDDO has set forth a 10 week challenge to complete dungeons on as low a level as possible in both groups and solo play. In this DDOCaSplat! special, you can watch Shamgar attempt to complete these challenges.

Week 10: Devil’s Assault Elite (level 18) – At the time of completion the lowest level of completion was 7.  I gave 6 a few tries but decided to jump up to 8 to flesh out my particular build better.  It means giving up 2 points or more, but I’m already far enough back its not really a big deal. And I wanted to not be in there all night.  I completed my first real attempt (i forgot ship resists the first time and went suicidal).

The first wave proved to be a little challenging depending on the run. It consistently had the highest number of champions. Luckily they didnt get any dangerous buffs.

Wave 2 was when i learned that the archers are a priority target as they were doing more damage – presumably they were doing evil damage. The bezekiras were also dangerous but I was able to handle a few trips.

Wave 3 introduced fire elementals.  They ultimately proved to be less dangerous than the archers except the champion.

Wave 4 introduced some casters, but they proved to be a non issue.  I prioritized them and kited the orthons and devils.  The orthons did a little damage with their repeaters but not too much.

Wave 5 was when things started getting sporting. I ran into some extra challenges.  First, the casters were now real casters with disintegrate and magic missile – which my warlock shield didn’t block and was an unexpected problem. Second, my ship resists wore off and I had forgotten resist energy potions.  I was able to compensate for the fire elementals with cold shield potions.  I chose not to kill them in fear of a champion fire elemental which I think was a solid choice.  Thirdly, gear started breaking including my lifeshield docent!  Ultimately my dwindling stash of healing potions carried the day.

My build was 3 warlock (with the aura and cleavish blast), 3 paladin (defender), and 2 arty using repeaters and rune arms. It proved an effective combo.