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DDOCast 386 – Challenges

Cordovan, Lessah, & Geoff join Shamgar for some tips, tricks and an overview of challenges! We also cover the week in news and give a shout out to several other DDO community endeavours!

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Challenges: Overview – 2:38
Challenges: House C – 21:24
Challenges: EStar – 1:02:16
News – 1:20:02
Lightning Post – 1:44:36
Closing – 1:49:33

DDO Chronicle 146
Edrique: Usefulness of Cannith Crafting
Gingerspyce: Guide to SP Regen Items
Guild Feud 2 Results

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  • House C- EPIC khopeshes have improved paralysis on a dual-wielder = awesome.
    SpareHand = toolbar swapping item for trapping and opening

    on Argonessen AlreadyDead, Geraltde, Manmardagan, and The Reclaimer, I’ve 6 starred all rushmores, extraplanars, and fire caves (except colossal, 4 starred) with 2 others and hires, 4, 4, 2, 4, and 2 on the kobold island challenges. Anyone want to run hit me up and anyone that has 6 starred a kobold island or colossal please hit me up, I’d love to see it done.



    June 17, 2015

  • Why not just make twisting more robust instead? In stead of one for 3 levels, how about 1 for every 2. Then give one extra twist for every sphere completed.



    June 22, 2015

  • I think the point spread is appropriate, but Id like to see an extra twist slot at level 30.



    June 22, 2015