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DDOCast 385 – DDO Debates: Warlock Preview

We ask our panel of guests several questions about the upcoming warlock class and then ask them a few more questions to debate! Featuring from Damsels of DDO: Mythery, Vooduspyce, & Chai!

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DDO Debates – 1:32
-Are we excited about warlocks? – 3:07
-What warlock ability are we most looking forward to? – 6:18
-What warlock pact do you like on paper the best? – 12:14
-Should warlocks have alignment restrictions? – 15:28
-Do we really need warlocks? Should they have chosen a different class? – 18:28
-Should Hirelings be allowed in raids? – 22:07
-Should you stay with a slow inactive higher level guild or join a more active lower level guild? – 22:38
-What would we like to see for a 3rd Druid tree? – 32:42
-Are we concerned that infinite crisis is shutting down so quickly? – 45:14
-What group of movie/tv characters would you want to watch play DnD? – 54:00
News – 1:00:53
Closing – 1:27:42

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  • Warlock should have alignment restrictions only if other than Fiends are the patron. The 4e Warlock was definitely the best and well developed model. Why didn’t the Devs create good patrons?


    June 9, 2015

  • Hirelings are good for the game. Not everyone has hours to master a game. Casual players need more choice. Tell you what; stop adding traps unnecessarily, stop creating massive HP mobs, and reward PUGs, then yes…get rid of hirelings.


    June 9, 2015