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DDOCaSplat! 27 – Mikar’s 10 Week Challenge: Week 8 Eveningstar Challenges

MikarDDO has set forth a 10 week challenge to complete dungeons on as low a level as possible in both groups and solo play. In this DDOCaSplat! special, you can watch Shamgar attempt to complete these challenges.

Week 8: Eveningstar Challenges – This week’s challenge is to run The Great Tree, Daybreak Ritual, and Fight to the Finish challenges – 1 of each of the Eveningstar Challenge maps.  Scoring this round is (Challenge Level + stars)*100 + score – which turns out to be a pretty darn good metric.  It clearly favors running as high a level as possible but that’s kind of the point of the challenge.

I am already far enough behind in points to be out of serious running.  I’ve also sunk more time in these than I was intending, so its all for personal enjoyment and satisfaction at this point.  The goal this week was to hit 8 points for each, which was GT 7200, DR 3200, FttF 3000.

00:06 – Daybreak Ritual – Official Score: 3494 – Level 30 @ 3 stars – Again the primary goal here is to keep aggro on me not the people/ward I’m trying to protect.  It proved to be simple enough that I was able to sneak away periodically and upgrade the ballistas for a bonus star. With the scoring method, I really only needed to get the 1 star for completion at level 30, but I got 2 more and moved on after a successful first run.


11:56 – Fight to the Finish – Official Score: 3092 – Level 25 @ 2 stars – This was the most difficult of the 3 since again, my build is not exactly a killing machine.  I moved some enhancements around for additional offense but it proved to be not enough to get even the 1 star at level 30. I downgraded to level 25 and was just able to pull in 2 stars which when combined with my points was enough to put me over the 8 point mark.


24:32 – Great Tree: Official Score: 7128 – Level 30 @ 3 Stars – This Challenge is relatively easy, even on level 30.  Its more about keeping aggro off the trees, particularly the life trees, and getting the 3 life trees upgraded as soon as possible. You can upgrade the trees at 50 energy (as opposed to 80 like it says).  Ultimate the only real difficutly came in killing the bosses, which my build is short of being able to achieve being built more for surviving than offense. Since the 7200 required killing more than I could achieve on level 30 I moved on.