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DDOCaSplat! 22 – Mikar’s 10 Week Challenge: Week 5 Demon Queen

MikarDDO has set forth a 10 week challenge to complete dungeons on as low a level as possible in both groups and solo play. In this DDOCaSplat! special, you can watch Shamgar attempt to complete these challenges.

Week 5: Against the Demon Queen + Zawabi’s Refuge (bonus points)

DQ1 was a very simple affair.  My bladeforged artificer/pally/monk made easy work of the whole thing.  I was actually quite surprised at how fast and simple it went. Not even the queen gave me much trouble and I had a simple time staying far enough away do shoot her to death.  Some folks reported problems with the wildmen mystics and disintegrate, but if they hit me i sure didnt notice.

DQ2 was a far different story. I was caught off guard a little how much more difficult it was. In practice, the raid became an exercise in different ways I could get slowed down, which caused problems. I fell victim alternatively to poorly timed cripples (for crying out loud, 1 minute cripple should have been fixed a hell of a long time ago), ray of enfeeblement, and buffs simply wearing off without catching it.  I tried a few tactical variations like killing the archers, but it seemed not to be worth it.  In hindsight, a 4th level of paladin would have served me very well with the 10% movement speed boost.  Ultimately I didnt have much time with work to get a win and I ended up spending more time than I had.

dq1a dq1b