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Archive for May, 2015


DDO Community News – 5/1/15

DDO Community Manager Cordovan has the latest goings-on from the world of Dungeons & Dragons Online! Thank you for watching.


MikarDDO’s 10-Week Challenge:
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Latest DDO Store sales:

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DDO Balancing Act

A look at the balance between multiclass and pure builds with a poll at the end! DDO’s recent Update 25: Reign of Elemental Evil included not only a brand-new classic adventure in the form of Temple of Elemental Evil, but also an enhancement pass for the rogue class that reworked all three trees of the […]

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Snowy Meridia

If you are along the New England coast this may induce nightmares. For the rest of us, a lovely winter scene, snowy Meridia, in various light blues and whites.

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