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DDOCast 381 – DDO Debates: Raid Bosses, Grouping, and More

This week features another exciting set of debates with guest moderator Lessah! Evennote, The Longshotist, & Shamgar debate questions about raid bosses, social grouping, and more! We also look at the latest game news and community news!

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  • DDO Debates – 1:29
    • What should be added to guild ship amenities? – 6:21
    • What is the best looking hat? – 13:10
    • Are vorpal effects on weapons worth it anymore? – 19:40
    • Who is the best DDO raid boss – 26:10
    • Is self healing killing the social aspect of the game? – 33:18
    • What changes should be made to encourage grouping? – 44:07
    • Who would be the best actor playing a DDO raid boss? – 58:40
  • News – 1:07:21
  • Lightning Post – 1:23:33
  • Closing – 1:29:10


  • The vorpal effect on weapons are not items to look for. They are a good magical ability, but thats it. I see it as a crowd control magic.


    May 18, 2015

  • Is there anything in the works to improve FvS?


    May 18, 2015

  • actively, it doesnt appear so, but they have stated that a 3rd tree is coming.


    May 20, 2015