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DDOCaSplat! 16 – MikarDDO’s 10 Week Challenge: Week 3

MikarDDO has set forth a 10 week challenge to complete dungeons on as low a level as possible in both groups and solo play.  In this DDOCaSplat! special, you can watch Shamgar attempt to complete these challenges.

Week 3: Complete the Pit on elite with a level 4 character

I used my original ranger from week 1 (this task was completed before week 2 for this reason) which again proved mostly effective if slower than I would have liked. Ranged attack speed is surprisingly lacking at low levels. I know the pit extremely well so that wasn’t a problem. The prophets and their hold person spell proved to be quite taxing though and I didn’t quite remember the floor puzzles and ran into some problems there, though thankfully within range of the shrine. If I had to do it again, I think a warforged would be a better choice.

After the quest was completed I took a chance going for the Avatar ooze (and a muckdoom) but a champion trog warlord was waiting for me at the bottom of the shaft and he put an end to any hopes of that.

ScreenShot00007 ScreenShot00008