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DDOCaSplat! 15 – MikarDDO’s 10 Week Challenge: Week 2

MikarDDO has set forth a 10 week challenge to complete dungeons on as low a level as possible in both groups and solo play.  In this DDOCaSplat! special, you can watch Shamgar attempt to complete these challenges.

Week 2: Complete A Small Problem on elite with a level 3 character

This Challenge was certainly more tricky than the first.  Attempt 1 (the same ranger from week 1) ended when 2 fire elemental champions roasted Brawnpits.  The second time around I used a different character (sword and board paladin for aggro management purposes) and had much greater success, but still ran into a few problems guiding Brawnpits back with a particularly lousy combination of fire elly champ and illusionist champ in the same group. It probably would have helped if i would have remembered to get ship elemental resistance buffs before I left.

ScreenShot00009 ScreenShot00010