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DDOCast 379 – DDO Debates: Stealth, Monks & More!

DDOGamer Geoff, Order of Syncletica’s Teacher Syn, and The Sublime Permadeath guild’s Chai take each other on in our newest debate episode! They debate questions about stealth, monks and more!  Stick around after as we cover the week’s game and community news too!


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  • DDO Debates – 1:13
    • Is stealth a viable playstyle or is it broken? – 3:13
    • What changes do we want to see with the monk & unarmed pass? – 22:19
    • What classic PnP module should be added to the game next? –  32:19
    • What is the deadliest monster in DDO? – 43:35
    • Are tactics based characters viable in epic elite? – 49:43
    • Are airship buffs a good idea? – 1:02:10
    • Which hireling is the most useful? – 1:10:15
    • Who should be the next guest DM? – 1:14:42
  • News – 1:18:08
  • Lightning Post – 1:31:52
  • Closing – 1:32:40


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  • Great panelists! Geoff and Syn’s blogs are always great reads, and i’ve appreciated Chai’s forum contributions countless times over the years.



    April 27, 2015