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DDOCast 374 – Improving Offense

We talk about the latest news and community happenings, review the mimic festival, and talk about improving your offense with DDO Gamer Geoff Hanna & Vooduspyce!

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  • News – 2:14
  • Mimic Festival Review – 48:55
  • Improving Offense – 58:54
  • Lightning Post – 1:47:43
  • Closing – 1:50:15


  • Thanks for the shout out. Great episode!



    March 15, 2015

  • I was amused hearing all three people make the same complaint about the Mimic event, which can be summarized as this:
    “I already have a lot of high level gear, so only high level gear is good for me personally.”

    I used the cards to spread the level 8/12/16 robe, cloak, and wraps amongst three different characters. And still had some to spare for guild mates who needed a specific card. I also made a few mimic companions and gems which summon monsters for me.

    If all you had any use for were the +5 Tome and/or the level 20 & 24 items, I can understand buy not sympathize with your apathy. You’re at the top level of the game, and if events only cater to you then they ignore everyone else. And if you already have all the leveling gear you need for your main or alt characters, then any event which offers level 4/8/12/16 gear is going to have a lot of things you just won’t care about.



    March 23, 2015

  • just to be clear, we absolutely want the events to cater to everyone – we just found the randomization of the cards combined with the specificity of the card to reward conversion to be unappealing.



    March 24, 2015