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DDOCast 373 – DDO Debates: New Players

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DDO Debates returns with DDOCast 373 as we focus on questions about new players with our guests Cordovan, Draculetta, and Evennote! We also take a look at the latest game and community news!

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  • DDO Debates: New Players – 1:40
    • What is the best class for a new player to start with? – 6:58
    • What 3 pieces of gear should a new player be looking for? – 16:04
    • What is the first adventure pack a new player should buy? – 24:31
    • What is most needed to attract and keep new players? – 37:32
    • How can we, as a community, help keep DDO relevant – despite its age – in the turbulent world of MMORPG’s? – 45:48
    • What is the best dungeon to introduce a new player to? – 53:04
    • What is the most important skill for a new DDO player to learn? – 1:01:12
    • What is the 1 thing you want to tell every new player? – 1:06:51
  • News – 1:10:00
  • Lightning Post – 1:35:28
  • Closing – 1:47:42


  • Paladin was my first character. It was actually recommended to me by a long-time pencil and paper player. It’s an obvious choice for new players. You must have healing. And a new player does not have money to spend on pots. Lay on hand ftw.

    brendon attebury

    March 11, 2015

  • I guess my next comment is we need a way to comment about the debates. Might be a good idea to have some place where people from the community can comment in on the debates so we can disagree with things like fighters being a first build for new players.

    brendon attebury

    March 11, 2015

  • the best place is to leave comments wherever you happen to watch or listen!


    March 12, 2015

  • Cleric was my first character. What party doesn’t need one, right? And, coming from D&D 3.X I knew a bit about the background and setup. Paladin is a valid first character as well, primarily focused on hitting things on the head, good survivability; and with the changes to heavy armor/PRR/MRR, traps aren’t as much a threat.

    One thing I did notice was the differences in opinion and experience among the debaters. I could tell that there was a variety of when people started playing the game and how that affected their point of views.

    I started DDO when lvl 10 was still cap, no hirelings, people putting up LFMs for WW left and right, and people farming Irestone Inlet for levelling sigils, traps to be feared.

    Has there been a DDOCast about the history/development/changes to the game? I would be really interested in hearing players reminisce about their favorite or despised updates and facets of the game.

    Follow up: Do the comments in older episodes close out after a time? I originally wanted this comment in Episode 347: Healing, but I wasn’t able to find a place to drop a comment.

    Tloboc (Tee-low for short)

    March 16, 2015

  • I dont think the comments time out, but to be honest im not much of a web guru.

    I havent done a history of the game episode, though I have thought about it


    March 24, 2015