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DDOCaSplat! #7 – The First Death

Shamgar suffers his first death!  Watch as we start the Sharn Syndicate only to have to reroll and back to Korthos!

Got a screenshot of a soul stone? Email it to and you could win 500 turbine points!

Think you know where Shamgar will perish? Leave a comment and if you are right you could win 500 turbine points! Only comments will be entered and only your first comment per show will be considered.  See below for what we will probably run next time.

Quests Completed
Stand Your Ground
Dirty Laundry
Stormreaver’s Fresco
Heyton’s Rest
Storehouse’s Secret
Cannith Crystal
The Collaborator

Projected Quests for Next Episode
Korthos Island & Harbor

— Watch live at

  • Repeat after me: Thou shalt not mess lightly with championned casters.


    March 13, 2015

  • indeed

    i realized this morning that this was actually my first foray into playing low levels with champions – i hadnt played lower than level 15 since champions were introduced


    March 13, 2015