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DDOCast 376 – DDO Debates: Character Building

DDO Debates returns as guests FailedLegend, Steiner-Davion, & Propane tackle questions relating to character building!  Then Steiner-Davion & Shamgar look at this weeks news!

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  • DDO Debates: Character Building – 2:13
    • Should we be able to play evil characters? – 5:23
    • How can listen be changed to be more compelling? – 13:05
    • Enhancement points – should players get more than 80? – 19:24
    • What is the best action boost? – 24:20
    • Most fun weapon style? – 32:53
    • Should and can pure builds hold their own with multiclasses? – 39:48
    • Are tanks required for high end game content? -52:30
    • What role does the Cleric play in DDO today? – 1:01:08
    • Is TRing still worth it? 1:14:05
  • News – 1:24:03
  • Lightning Post – 1:53:09
  • Closing – 1:56:29
  • Bring back video, Patrick.



    March 30, 2015

  • Gonna have to disagree with the comment about the majority of quests being good-aligned. I’ve read the NPC dialogue on these things, and more often than not, the PC is not really “good.” The characters are more than willing to do heinous things for various entities with the promise of material gain. Just for one example, the world of Eberron was designed to include monstrous races as a part of society, not as cut-and-dry as traditional D&D where like orcs are always and forever evil without exception. That in mind, look at Tear of Dhakaan – a hobgoblin tribesman pays you to wipe out another tribe so they can take their land. At one point, you’re killing sleeping hobgoblins in their home.



    April 4, 2015