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DDOCast 370 – DDO Debates: Adventure Packs

DDO Debates returns with questions focusing on Adventure Packs!  Our panel of Ecgric, Bonnie Bew, and Ash duel it out and we also talk about the latest news and updates!

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  • DDO Debates: Adventure Packs – 1:19
    • Best – 3:03
    • Worst – 13:32
    • Most Difficult (at level) – 20:22
    • Best value – 24:13
    • Most creatively designed – 29:37
    • Besides the vale, what pack should be epicified next? – 34:33
    • Which adventure pack is most likely going to get you killed? – 38:41
    • What do we want to see as rewards for Mysterious Remnants? – 41:05
    • Should ddo store rogues be able to disarm the toughest traps in the game? – 44:21
    • Should raid counters persist through TRs? – 48:12
  • News – 1:00:37
  • Lightning Post – 1:19:32
  • Closing – 1:22:39


  • Hey guys, I really enjoyed the show this week. I have one comment about keeping your raid counter after a TR.

    I feel that the romantic notion of ‘Old School’ does not apply to this game anymore. This game has changed and what worked a couple of years ago does not work now.

    In the past it was very easy to complete 20 Shrouds, 20 VoN’s, 20 DQ’s, etc. and the reason was.. that you were stuck at level 20, there was nowhere else to go for the character! If you felt like TR’ing you could wait until its 20, 40, 100th completion in a raid.. in the meantime you could work on your Alts. Players used their alts a lot.

    The game now is different. The game now drives players to focus on making one of their characters really good, and not focus that much more on their Alts. Players want to get their Epic PL’s done, by the time they can do a 2nd/3rd run of a raid they are 2 levels above and looking at the next one, and when they cap they quickly ETR. Players don’t wait as long as they did before, because as much as they complain, there is a lot more to do now.

    I vote for keeping the raid completions on TR.



    February 17, 2015