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DDOCast 367 – DDO Debates: Metagame

Its our first DDO Debate!  Guests Geoff Hanna, Voodu Spyce, and Hauntingly battle it out debate style with questions about the Meta Game of DDO!

Have some additional thoughts? Did we miss something?  Do you have ideas for round table discussions, tips to share, or questions you want to hear us debate?  Leave us a comment!

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  • DDO Debates – 1:25
    • Should DDO continue to be called dungeons and dragons considering all the rule changes? – 4:47
    • Do we need to merge the servers? – 18:50
    • Should we be concerned about repeated turbine layoffs/staffing changes? – 26:55
    • What is the most exciting thing from the producers letter? – 36:31
    • What do you most want to see in DDO this year? – 44:54
    • Does DDO have a future or is it fading off into the sunset? – 51:19
    • Do the holiday cookies need an update? – 56:51
    • If there was going to be a DDO based movie, which actor/actress would be the star and what class would they represent? – 1:00:20
  • News – 1:08:03
  • Lightning Post – 1:45:55
  • Closing – 1:48:23


  • Great show guys.

    Ideas for future shows: how to come back To yhe game if you’ve been gone for 18 months; what role remains for clerics, if any; is TRing really worth it anymore?



    January 19, 2015

  • […] DDOCast recently had a milestone of an episode, the first real DDOcast debate in a while. It covered the hopes, fears, dreams and, dare I say, nerd rage of the DDO Metagame spectrum. As I listened (three times – DDOCast, it’s your fault that I’m not logging into Thelanis for a lot of questing tomight!) I naturally had opinions about the opinions, thanks in no small part to the earnest arguments and, at times, brutal honesty of Shamgar as moderator, and Geoff Hanna, Voodu Spyce, and Hauntingly as guests. […]

  • Good show!



    January 21, 2015

  • Geoff’s opinion about balancing vs new content gave me a notion:



    January 27, 2015