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DDOCast 365 – State of the Game 2015

We talk about the State of the Game this week with a special line up of guests Propane, Voodu, Lessah and Steiner-Davion

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  • News – 0:00
  • State of the Game: Introductions – 3:02
  • Character Balance – 5:19
  • Server Population – 11:13
  • Player Base Divides – 16:02
  • New Player Accessability – 20:18
  • Raiding Scene – 23:20
  • Reincarnation – 31:20
  • Community – 33:01
  • Bugs – 45:54
  • Game Performance & Game Challenges – 50:50
  • Looking Ahead – 1:01:10
  • Lightning Post – 1:14:32
  • Closing – 1:17:32
  • Hey Patrick,

    You mentioned that there seems to be only about 1,000 listeners to The Cast. I would suggest that the number is possibly a bit higher than that. I’m sure that you count only the Hangouts views, YouTube watches and (possibly) number of downloads directly from There are a number of podcast aggregators out there, some of which actually stream DDOCast just fine. I personally use Stitcher, and then there’s iTunes, too. So, perhaps you have more listeners than you may think.

    Keep it up,


    January 12, 2015

  • i mostly made this number up…between youtube and the forums theres usually about 500 views per show, but i dont really look up other numbers…


    January 12, 2015

  • I would say the shadar ki racial tree is nice as well.

    Dramentia The Dragon Mind

    January 14, 2015