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DDOCast 353 – New Player Integration

Voodu Spyce and Even Note Join DDOCast for the latest community news and a discussion on New Player Integration

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  • News – 2:26
  • New Player Integration – 17:15
  • Lightning Post – 1:04:12
  • Closing – 1:05:37
  • Sometimes you feel like a noob.
    Thank you for having this particular round table! Too many times the game leaves newer players in its dust and this can be a very unforgiving game, even to the casual player. That marker goes up exponentially with end game content. I wouldn’t ever see those quests if I didn’t have a group of friends who tolerated my presence. It seems like there is an ocean of humility between needing help, not knowing something, and actually getting the courage to ask for it without feeling/ looking stupid. No one wants that. At the end of the day you are expected to inherently know these things and be able to take care of yourself, at least that’s the impression I get. /end rant. Sorry. Had a frustrating day and you get the brunt! XD



    September 29, 2014

  • What a great show! My guild (The Madborn, Thelanis) has been running a few newbie friendly raids lately. Thanks for sharing ideas and insites that we can use. I have found out that you can prevent chaos by at least by giving some direction/instructions to follow. It keeps people from freelancing and gives a focus point for the raid/quest.



    October 2, 2014

  • Best ringtone: “Oh no! The sahuagin have found me!”

    I loved when you could get him to spam that by clicking on him during the fight.



    October 3, 2014

  • What I despise most is when I’ve asked a simple question and instead of taking the 10sec’s it might have taken to give me an answer all I hear is DDOwiki DDOwiki DDOwiki, or Community Forums Community Forums, Community Forums. And that was in the supposed Advice channel mind you not even in Gen or Trade chat. If you know the answer just give it. In the time it takes a person to Alt-tab out of the game, fire up their web browser, and load up the site, you could’ve already just given the answer and that person woulda been on their way. Most of the questions I have seen in chat are relatively simple ones about where to find stuff. Take like 5second to type House J or House K, look for x npc, or it’s over by the x landmark building. And then after you’ve given them the answer then you can suggest DDOwiki etc as a resource they might wanna check out when they get the chance.



    October 3, 2014