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DDOCast 349 – Older Content

Steiner-Davion joins the cast for more update 23 news and a discussion regarding older content!  Do you have suggestions for how to improve older content?  Leave a comment below!

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News – 4:38
Community News – 56:38
Older Content – 1:04:56
Older Content: Heroic – 1:14:55
Older Content: Epic – 1:22:52
Older Content: Raids – 1:44:53
Lightning Post – 2:09:29
Closing – 2:13:29

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  • Hey guys,

    Love the show. I just wanted to add a little something to Steiner-Davion’s comments about Heroic 3BC.

    The loot in there is not that great, Turbine added a bunch of named items (that are part of sets) and are level 4-5. Some are pretty powerful for the level, and many are meh.

    Now, about XP. It is true that 3BC lacked in XP some time ago, but go an run it right now. If you have an elite streak going you will average 19k per quest! I just ran through this with my TR group last week, the heroic XP is completely amazing… even more when you consider that most of the quests are pretty easy.

    Thats all, keep up the good work!



    September 2, 2014