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DDOCast 337 – PUGs #1: Finding a Group

Patrick, Jerry, and Steiner-Davion kick off a 3 part series on PUGs by discussing how to find a group.  We also cover the latest news on update 22!

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News – 5:31
PUGs #1: Finding a Group – 51:28
Lightning Post – 1:43:56
Closing – 1:47:36

  • Great show! So weird listening to Jerry as a guest but you are a great host! Also I fed your Kobolds! What does that even mean? Why can I only buy a dollars worth of Kobold bits? How many bits does that get me? I want to watch the Kobolds eat or maybe they can eat from my hand, IDEK! Whatever works! I expect my dollars worth in Kobold-related entertainment.


    May 25, 2014

  • there should be a drop down menu to feed the kobolds more abundantly.

    feeding teh kobolds is just a role playing way of saying giving them money.


    May 29, 2014