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DDOCast 336 – Temple of Deathwyrm

Join Patrick and Voodu as we do a (very) extended Epic Education: Temple of Deathwyrm, discuss the latest U22 news & talk about what you need to tank the Stormreaver in Fall of Truth!  Make sure to check out the video version for video examples of various aspects of the raid including a full set of mirror puzzle completions! NOTE: Video may still be processing and be unavailable for a few hours

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News – 3:44
Temple of Deathwyrm: Prep & Overview – 14:37
Deathwyrm: Mirrors – 22:52
Deathwyrm: 1st Puzzle Rooms – 29:03
Deathwyrm: 2nd Puzzle Rooms – 44:00
Deathwyrm: End Fight – 1:07:36
Lightning Post: Stormreaver Tanking (FoT) – 1:42:38
Closing – 1:59:13