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DDOCast 328 – Battle Caster

Join Patrick and Samius as we discuss (at length and then some) the release of Update 21 and build some battle casters!

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Game News – 2:07
Community News – 1:05:12
Battle Casters: Samius’s PM Dwarf – 1:16:34
Battle Casters: Shamgar’s Tukaw Build – 1:51:52
WWBD – 2:16:04
Lightning Post – 2:19:00
Closing – 2:19:57

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DDO Twitch Von 1 & 2
Massively Interviews AC Exec Producer
High Lords of Malkier (Sarlona) Abbot
Hide and Seek Trivia Events
Temple of the Deathwyrm Guide
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  • Patrick (shamgar). I am a long time dnd player since beta. I have have/had numerous builds/toons and have two questions for you.

    1. I hear the term “One trick pony” being thrown about on the show. I am curious if you would consider a straight barb with no cross classes in this category. I guess my question is if the character is contributing dps to a party and has ways of breaking DR are they really considered a one trick pony. Because we all know that barbs are limited once they rage and are for obvious reasons seem to me at least uni dimensional toward dps.
    2. On the discussion of last weeks battle mages: at one point I built a 12 wiz, 2 rogue , 6 fighter that used divine power clickies to raise his BAB. I never took him any further or into epic content. I was curious how sustainable is it to rely on divine power for your bab and would you be able to actually produce dps that can actually contribute to epic content.



    March 18, 2014