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DDOCast 318 – 2013 in Review

Join Patrick, Jerry, & Propane as we discuss this past year DDO style!

Check out for mp3 audio, our show calendar, swag, archives, and more! Want to find us in game?  Type “/joinchannel ddocast” and chat in game with other ddocast listeners!

Year in Review (Update 17) – 2:25
Year in Review (Update 18) – 24:50
Year in Review (Update 19) – 34:40
Year in Review (Update 20) – 1:06:55
Year in Review (Bugs) – 1:19:44
Coming Next Year – 1:24:12
Year in Review (Summary) – 1:28:00
WWBD – 1:38:00
Lightning Post – 1:41:21
Closing – 1:45:08

Argonessen Nightmare PVP Tournament
DDOGamer 2013 DDO Review

  • Great show guys if you guys ever make it to khyber I do Saturday nite raids starting around 8 central (rage) is an easy search for me be awesome to have you enhancements were by far the best roll out brothers and sable are really awesome quests check em out



    January 5, 2014