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DDOCast 315 – Alternative Playstyles

Join Patrick, Tolero and Ecgric as we discuss the latest DDO News and alternative ways to play the game!

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Game News – 2:12
Community News – 1:05:02
Alternative Playstyles – 1:11:01
WWBD – 1:37:03
Lightning Post – 1:42:30
Closing – 1:51:00

DDO Chronicle 72
DDO Chronicle 73
Samius Gurobo Abbot Training
Order of Syncletica talks range tactics
DDOGamer Freezer Burn build



  • I think it was this episode where you talked with Tolero and Ecgric about end game loot systems and none of you mentioned The challenge system which I think is the best in the game. There are a number of benefits, whenever you do a challenge you are always (assuming you know which ingredients) on your way to earning improvements to your item. Also, your weapon grows with your character giving it sentimental value. Frankly, I would love it if that system were applied, in some way, to every named item to earn in the game. No randomness and growth and customization (tiers and augments). Win, win, win.



    December 23, 2013

  • You may be thinking about the episode on Epic Transitions, and its true that we didnt really talk about challenges, thanks for pointing that out!

    Patrick Sherman

    Patrick Sherman

    December 23, 2013