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DDOCast 312 – Guilds

Join Patrick, Propane, and Chris as we talk about the update 20 release and the social aspects of being in a guild!

Want to find us in game?  Type “/joinchannel ddocast” and chat in game with other ddocast listeners!

News – 2:05
Guilds – 42:00
WWBD – 1:07:06
Lightning Post – 1:10:42
Closing – 1:17:00

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Update 20 Release Notes
Turbine Powered Moustaches
FoS gets busy
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  • Hey, Patrick. I’m a big fan of the show and I love the job you’re doing, but for one little gripe.

    A lot of advice on the show seems geared towards endgame. It seems that whenever you discuss building heroic-level characters, you point out what life he’s on and what past-life feats he has. (I get enough of that on the forums!)

    I’d love to hear more about first-life, pre-epic play — and please don’t call us newbies! I’ve been playing since launch, I’m well versed in the basics.

    Thanks, and keep up the good work.

    — Shawn

    Shawn Wilson

    November 21, 2013

  • PS – You want to know what its like to be heroic in an epic-centered world? Everyone got a Raider’s Reward box they can use at 23rd level. So my highest-level character has to work for three more levels. Most won’t get there for years!

    Shawn Wilson

    November 21, 2013