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DDOCast 309 – Ask the Devs!

Join Patrick as he interviews Producer Glin, Tolero, and Cordovan about changes (and more changes) to reincarnation, xp, dev life, content, gnomes, epic threnal and more! Then stick around for the second hour and the usual (slightly larger amount of) news!

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Ask the Devs (Dev Life) – 2:03
Ask the Devs (Reincarnation) – 22:34
Ask the Devs (XP) – 39:25
Ask the Devs (Content & Changes) – 46:49
WWBD – 1:16:37
News – 1:20:44
Lightning Post – 1:58:12
Closing – 2:00:33

DDO Chronicle 66
New quarterly wall papers
Turbine pumpkin carving contest
Lammania Update 20 Release Notes
Reincarnation Information
Transitioning from old XP curve to new XP curve
Occupy Stormreach

  • The cube is pretty quick about deleting any negative posts in the DDO Forums.

    Maybe your Dev’s should get access to deleted posts.. there is a lot of truth being erased….

    LAgbar is rampant in the game and no Dev’s apparently have any clue that it is actually occurring or maybe they do and are just ignoring the player frustration.


    October 26, 2013

  • We did talk about Mabar briefly off air (or was it on i dont remember). They are aware and they are working on it.

    In regards to the cube, please keep in mind that a “cube” exists here as well. I’m not as strict as the DDO Forums, i don’t have to be, but I do ask that posts are respectful to all, devs included.

    Patrick Sherman

    October 27, 2013

  • This was an excellent Podcast, Patrick. (Your best yet bud!) You provided the perfect format for Glin, Jerry & Amanda (Tolero) to lay out the current state of the game in pretty great detail.

    There is no better medium to talk to the community than a podcast. Thought you were well prepared and asked informative questions of Glin and he dove right in an answered them. I thought he proved the team is listening and are still having fun developing this game.

    Very good showing from Turbine and I’m happy to see them make themselves available, and take so much time to talk to the playerbase.


    October 26, 2013