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DDOCast 308 – Update 20 & Fall of Truth

Join host Patrick and guest Sig for an epic return of DDOCast with loads of game news with update 20, XP changes, and Reincarnation updates! Then hang around for the second hour for a live Epic Education: Fall of Truth!

Show Times
News (general) – 1:45
News (reincarnation) – 33:16
News (Community) – 59: 46
Lightning Post – 1:03:45
Epic Education: Fall of Truth – 1:08:00
Close – 1:55:27

Lamannia release notes update 20
DDO Chronicle
Maximum PC names DDO one of its top 16 MMOs
Massively plays DDO with the devs
Shamgar on Comms of Valor changes
DDOGamer: favor rewards ~ total & first time favor ~ eldritch knight

  • I want to take a minute to say that you’re doing a good job with the cast Shamgar. I can tell you’re getting more and more comfortable in your new role as host and it is coming across as a better show each week. Thanks for taking the torch and running with it. Keep up the good work.

    DDO Dude

    October 23, 2013