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DDOCast 307 – New Player Tips

Patrick is joined by Geoff and new guest Chris for a host of new player tips and Update 19 Patch 3.

Technical Note: The video version remains unedited however the audio version has been edited to remove most of Geoff’s vocal lag. Show times are for the unedited video version.

Show Times
Introducing Chris – 1:22
News – 2:34
New Player Tips – 20:37
WWBD – 1:02:14
Lightning Post – 1:05:14
Closing – 1:06:52

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Closing Note – Change of plans, no cast this coming week.

  • Thanks again for having me on! Hope I did ok. 🙂



    October 6, 2013

  • Newbie F2Player here (a mostly clueless but occasionally moderately effective lvl 8 Wiz) who thought your show was quite useful. The wide quiver tip (and where to buy it, thanx Chris!) is great!

    One tip I use is to keep my free red collectable and ingredient bags in the bank to store surplus collectables/ingredients. I don’t know if this would work with an extra wide quiver in a bank slot but I will have to try and see!



    October 7, 2013

  • Great show! Nice to see Geoff again! Hi Geoff! To Chris, you were AWESOME! hope to hear more of you on future podcasts.



    October 8, 2013