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Episode 303 – Enhancements

Patrick and Sig have an epic hour plus long conversation on the new enhancement system. There’s also the usual game and community news and some talk about PAX! Okay I lied, this week was not shorter…

Show Times:
News – 1:30
PAX Review – 26:30
Enhancements: Classes – 31:30
Enhancements: Races – 1:30:10
Enhancements: Closing – 1:41:40
WWBD – 1:43:57
Lightning Post – 1:48:06
Closing – 1:49:40

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Aiphon’s Resource Guide
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  • Absolutely great show! Really great for those of us who only have a few characters, to hear the overall strengths of pitfalls when we venture out to new classes. Thank you for that.

    I did have one comment regarding you talk of the PM enhancements and Animate in particular. That ability will be absolutely key for the PM build I will be TR’ing into in a couple of weeks. The point is that it allows you to have an undead hireling, whom you can heal with your auras and bursts, just like warforged arcanes can use the various WF melee hirelings when soloing. If it weren’t for that ability, PMs would be relegated to selfhealing hires, which usually means they won’t be doing much with regard to DPS.



    September 9, 2013

  • Thanks for another excellent show!



    September 13, 2013