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Episode 302 – Update 19 & Weapon Selection


Patrick is joined by Jerry (Cordovan) and we talk about update 19 patch 1, the playability of update 19, weapon selections, and how to be involved with DDOCast. Theres even a bonus of poetry!

I also learn how much content is too much to talk about in a 1 (ish) hour show…

Show Times:
News – 1:33 (DDOCast News – 35:00)
Round Table: Update 19 – 41:18
What We’ve Been Doin – 54:27
Tips & Tactics: Weapon Selections – 57:55
Lightning Post: Being a DDOCast Contributor – 1:24:26
Closing – 1:37:50

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  • TY, I really enjoyed the weapons discussion! Lots of practical and useful info.



    September 6, 2013

  • Thank you. I also enjoyed the weapon discussion. I think a lot of the more experienced players forget how it is to be a low level player and how confusing DDO can be, especially with the new enhancements, new weapons, and having to respect characters. Hope you can include some information for players regarding Iconic characters. Starting at level 15 without the benefit of platinum or favour and not knowing the best way to ‘custom build’ the character up to level 15 is difficult for players without the experience of playing mid to high level quests. DDOcast could help players work through this and ultimately increase the number of people who watch your cast. Just a thought. Again thanks.



    September 10, 2013