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DDOcast 298 – The Storm Horns DDO Preview *SPOILERS*

Join Sig, Anne and Geoff as we take a press tour of the Storm Horns Mountains a new wilderness area, the quests within and the monsters that live there. *SPOILERS* The tour also go into the story of the Shadowfell Conspiracy, so consider yourself warned!

Many thanks to Ben Schneider, Senior Content Designer and Phil Fogerite, Systems Designer, for showing us around the new beautiful area of the Storm Horns. Also thank you to Amanda “Tolero” Grow, Jerry “Cordovan” Snook, and Erik “ProducerGlin” Boyer for the hospitality!

The Storm Horns is the name given to the mountains that mark the western and northern frontier of Cormyr. The mountains form an unbroken line of jagged peaks, inhabited by dragons, tribes of humanoids, orcs, giants, harpies and satyrs

NOTE: this particular podcast was intended to be a video, listening to just the audio version you’ll only get part of the tour and consequently miss out on some cool stuff.