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DDOcast 284 – Update 18: Disciples of Shadow

Join Sig & Anne as they walk-through the latest update for Dungeons and Dragons Online! Many thanks to our favorite Turbine Crew: Producer Athena, Producer Glin and Tolero for introducing to the new update!

New Quests

Disciples of Shar – Deep in the murky foothills of the Storm Horn Mountains, fierce wolves and mountain lions roam with hungry abandon. You must search a network of sullen caves hiding the Shar cultists responsible for terrorizing the people of Eveningstar, but Shar cultists, priestesses, and even an Owl Bear stands between you and the truth of events in Wheloon city. Free to all players!

Escape Plan – A river barge full of prisoners from Eveningstar is being transported to Wheloon Prison, and a high priority target is among them. You have been hired to guard the river barge as it floats downstream, but prepare yourself for any danger as rumors of this high priority prisoner is sure to have reached ears not currently aboard the barge. Free to all players!

Shadow of a Doubt – Players who pre-purchase Shadowfell Conspiracy will gain immediate access to the first expansion quest! Inside the safety of Wheloon Dock, the magistrate interrogates Shar clerics for information regarding their suspected plot. Skilled adventurers might have more luck than the magistrate, but the very shadows conspire against any who might bend the prisoner too far. Will you spare the guilty and innocent alike within Wheloon, or does justice have no place in a city swimming in shadow?

New Icon Character: Bladeforge

Bladeforged – forged anew, a shining beacon of your kind. A powerful, offense focusd Paladin, transformed by the Lord fo Blades inthe fires of the Creation Forge. The Lord of Blades spoke. New life coursed through your wood-and-metal frame. There in the Creation Forge you had become bright, glorious and true.

New Items

Glamered Armor – The cosmetic armor system has been completely revamped to use a cosmetic appearance equipment slot! Slot cosmetic armor enchanted with the Glamer spell to change the appearance of any equipped armor. Cosmetic armor, also known as Glamered Clothing, has one type of visual appearance and can be applied for all classes, races and gender – except Warforged in most cases. Just be careful and watch out for beholders!

Skill tomes – Permanently increase one of your character’s skills with a tome! You select the skill you want to increase once in game by activating the Tome, where at you’ll be presented with a list of possible skills to increase. You cannot select Use Magic Device – UMD tomes are available separately. Bonuses from tomes persist through reincarnation.

Healing Elixirs – Collectors in Stormreach now have powerful new healing potions for sale! These Elixirs of Healing provide a large instant burst of healing, followed by a heal-over-time effect that continues to heal for ten seconds. Elixirs of Healing function equally well on living creatures, constructs, and undead who use them. Yes Warforged and Pale Masters, that means you too.