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DDOcast 271

Sig, Anne & Geoff ( talk about their latest exploits in DDO’s Update 17 on the live server, the bugs, and of course the new Augment system! Shamgar also graces us with another Epic Education #28, Lord of Blades Part 6: Party at the Forge. We also have a nice array of regular D&D and general gaming news.

After Show Notes: Nightforge Gorget and other non-epic items can’t be upgraded yet. Sorry for the bad info! Anne was confusing Live server with Lamannia Beta server features. Currently if you want a new version, have to go out and get another one. Rumors say that you can do upgrades in the next update!

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  • As for putting achievements in your bio, there was one that I accidentally erased. I was on a first live cleric in an elite VoD that went south at the end. Folks didnt have curse pots, I was out of SP and with the scroll cool down I could barely keep myself alive. I was the last man standing ans Suulo was almost dead so I figured why not go down swinging. I hit Suulo for 1 POINT DAMAGE, and he died. I put the “You hit Suulo for 1 point damage” and “You Killed Suulo” in my bio, but like I said it got erased 🙁



    February 25, 2013