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Crunchy Bits: Midwinter Games Loot

Cormyrian Midwinter Festival

Midwinter Games

Midwinter Ice Races is a new kind of seasonal event held in the iced-over Starwater River of Eveningstar, coincidentally conducted around the same time of year as the Risia Ice Games. Adventurers can run through the course of ice & illusions to compete for prizes.

  • Score by getting Snow Flakes – There are four types of snowflakes, each worth different amounts of points.
    • Bronze – 1 point
    • Silver – 13 points
    • Gold – 27 points
    • Purple – 42 points
    • Finishing the Course in the 3 minutes time limit – 100 points (The double points works on this also, so +200 if you complete while you have it)
  • Buffs – These will be randomly located about the course like the snowflakes, touch them to activate.
    • Super Speed Boost (Green orb) – Effect: +30% Melee speed, +50% enhancement bonus to Run speed, Duration: 6 seconds.
    • Super Jump (Blue orb) – Effect: +30 jump skill, moon jump and Featherfall, Duration: 4 seconds, similar to the buff as found in Challenges, though shorter duration. Jumping super high is neccesary to collect a couple of the static purple snowflakes now, so get these and time your jumps well.
    • Double Points (Appears as a large bright white spark randomly) – Duration: 15 seconds
    • Midwinter Vole (CR 23, Animal type, Rat race) – Hit any of these once to get both Double Points and Super Speed instantly. They can be killed, but you are not intended to do so, as they have several thousand hitpoints and give no reward for being killed. A single melee hit, even a grazing hit will be enough to trigger the buff.
  • Game Score and Reward Tier
    • When Brace’s buff wears off or you’ve completed the race, you’ll receive rewards like midwinter motes & recipes based on how well you scored.
    • Motes received are always 1/3 Score point rounded down. Lower scores are supposed to grant lower-tier Recipes, however it seems quite random.

Midwinter Race Game Rewards

You can exchange motes for wonderful wintery prizes! Here are the items you can get and their mote cost:

  • Polar Bear Cub – 10,000 Motes
  • 50 Midwinter Snowballs – 500 motes
  • Lolth Spider Queen Cookie – 280 Motes
  • Fire Shield Pot – 120 motes
  • Potion of Resist Fire/Cold – 60 Motes
  • Greater Protection Fire/Cold – 90 Motes
  • Add Resistance to Fire/Cold Upgrades to Armor, Shield or Robe only
    • This is an Inherent Elemental Resistance (Insight bonus) added to your randomly-generated items. Cost for Upgrades are as follows
      • 1 point resist – Recipe, 45 Motes
      • 3 points of resist – Recipe, 90 Motes (135 cumulatively)
      • 5 points of resist – Recipe, 180 Motes (315 cumulatively)
      • 7 points of resist – Recipe, 360 Motes (675 cumulatively)
      • 10 points of resist – Recipe, 720 Motes (1,395 cumulatively)
  • Add Festival Glaciation Upgrade to Armor, Sheild, or Robes only
    • This adds an equipment bonus to cold Spell Power added to your randomly-generated items. IMPORTANT: Festival Glaciation will increase the minimum level of your item to the value listed in parentheses. Upgrade cost is as follows, just click on the image to zoom in for details:

sp gain and mote cost per min level