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Wah? 4995 Turbine Points (~$50) Holiday Box!

Otto’s Irresistible Holiday Box

A jam-packed bundle that contains the following:

  • 1 Stone of Experience: Allows level 8 or higher characters to immediately level up to level 16! To use this item, your character must be level 8 to 15. This item is tradable, but is not auctionable or sellable to vendors.
  • 5 Superior Experience Elixirs
  • 5 Major Slayer Count Boosts
  • 5 Huge Jewels of Fortune
  • 5 Siberys Spirit Cakes
  • 3 Greater Siberys Spirit Cakes

Also included is your choice of either a:

  • Cyan Gelatinous Cube Creature Companion: This certificate is not auctionable or tradable. Only available in Otto’s Irresistible Holiday Box.


  • 65 Astral Shards: A form of currency that can be used instead of platinum for many items and services in game. For example, they can be used to purchase various character respecs, equipment repairs, and certain vendor items like gold seal hirelings.

This item is tradable and auctionable for those who are in the holiday spirit. However, once the box is opened, all of the contents other than the Stone of Experience will be bound to account.

NOTE: Players are reporting not being able to use the Stone of Experience on other characters of accounts that already used the stone on a different character. (Details here:

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