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PAX Prime 2012: 13th Age and Dungeon World: Old School RPGs With Modern Design

Just recently, Gabe annouced that he wanted to play 13th Age!! Woot!

During PAX weekend Anne mostly worked at the 13th Age table at the Indy Table Top game rooms along side Dungeon World and Gamma Ray Games. She also recorded a couple of panels for 13th Age and below is one of those videos she put together.

We want to give a big shout out to Fire Opal Games and to Rob Heinsoo, Jay Schneider and Wade Rocket. With out them Anne wouldn’t have been able to even go to PAX this year!

13th Age, Dungeon World and More: Old School RPGs With Modern Design

A new wave of tabletop roleplaying games is re-imagining the classic dungeon-crawling RPG. Hear the designers discuss how they do it, and perhaps more importantly, why they do it.

PANELISTS: Wade Rockett [Rockett Science], Rob Heinsoo [Fire Opal Media], Sage LaTorra [Sage Kobold Productions], Adam Koebel [Sage Kobold Productions], Logan Bonner

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