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On Vacation! Next Live Show is on May 5th

Hi Everyone!

Looks like we ran out of time this week to get out Ep 253. Sig and I are out for next week on vacation, so I’ll hand you some DDO news before we’re out:

New 4-part DevTrailer for DDO: Beyond the Web: Forgotten Realms – Part 1

  • Highlights Include
    • Erik Boyer (Senior Dev) – Eberron is where we came from: Mage-punk, technoogy is magic.
    • Fernando Paiz – Forgotten Realms is the most iconic settings of D&D. Getting to Ferun from Eberron is very big deal and getting it right is important.
    • Dan Haard (Associate Lead Artist) – We have to be careful when dealing both Eberron and Forgotten Realms, because they are both beloved properties by fans. So turbine is working with Wizards of the Coast
    • Rick Liu (Lead Content Designer) – Treat both worlds and the connection between the worlds with respect; its not a trivial thing to go between campaign settings
    • Charles Miles (Senior Content Designer) – The whole linchpin between the settings is Lolth, who is powerful enough to create bridges through worlds.
  • Images Seen
    • Village of Evening Star both in game and art concepts
    • Art Concepts, Framing, In-game of King’s Forest
    • Polygonal modeling wire frames of environments, before 3D rendering has been applied.
  • Part 2 coming on May 4th

Build Your Guild!

  • What is Build Your Guild? It’s a fun way to earn in-game bonuses and get an army together to take on the Drow!  Are you a new or returning player?*
    • Get these benefits from joining a guild:
      • Get +10% XP and +1 Loot just for grouping with fellow guild members!
      • Earn two Large Bounties for reaching level 8!**
      • Earn one Large Bounty for reaching levels 12 and 16!
      • Earn two Large Bounties for reaching level 20!
    • Your entire guild will get these bonuses as well:
      • Non-new and non-returning players who are grouped with new or returning guild members earn +5% XP and +1 Loot!
      • Non-new and non-returning player characters will earn a Small Bounty for their guild at levels 12, 16 and 20!
      • Large Bounties will award 25,000 Guild Renown and five Astral Diamonds, and Small Bounties will award 2,500 Guild Renown. All Bounties are subject to guild size bonuses, and are affected by Guild Renown Elixirs.

Crystal Cove is Back! Now Thru May 6th

Good News:  Bound To Account/Character Bag Bug  to be fixed in the Next Patch

New DDO Store Features

  • New Bookmark Features:
    • When you first enter the DDO Store, you can go straight to a list of the things you’ve bookmarked by clicking the bookmark icon, which looks like the above image. NOTE: If you put an account item into your bookmarks list, that item will be removed from your bookmarks once purchased.
    • To bookmark an item, go to that item’s description, and you will see a “Bookmark This Item” button. Press it and it’s bookmarked!
  • New Icons
    • Featured Items: Items with this icon are the recent additions and are displayed prominently in the store.
    • Hot Items: Items with this icon are current bestsellers in the store.
    • Limited Time Items: Items with this icon are only available in the store for a limited time.
    • New Items: Items with this icon have been newly added to the store.
    • Sale Items: Items with this icon are currently on sale in the store.
    • Seasonal Items: Items with this icon are seasonal items, and may be unavailable once the current season ends.

More Point Bundles

  • 11,000 TP for $100
  • 24,000 TP for $200

DDO Bonus Days

  • Get +20% Guild Renown through April 29th!

DDO Store Sales

  • NOW thru May 3rd: 30% off Guild XP, High-Level Adventure Packs, Astral Diamonds and SP Pots

Massively’s Look at DDO Monsters with Pictures!

MMO Reporter has a super nice video on MotU from their PAX East Tour

Samius’ AC List