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Dungeons & Dragons Online Underdark Tour

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Here’s what we know from the video:

  • Traverse the Demon Web along The Weave, Lolth’s Domain
  • Head to Forgotten Realms and the land of Ferun
  • New Monsters: Driders, Swarm Hoard Spiders,  green dragons, and maybe even werewolves.
  • Druids have the following wild shape forms: wolf, winter wolf, dire bear, fire elemental, and water elemental
  • New spawn mechanic ensures “random” encounters; keeping combat interesting like a DM in a table top game
  • Visit the village of Evening Star
  • Work with a new faction called The Purple Knights
  • New Area called Kings Forest with random encounters

Here’s the full intro Video unadulterated:

  • OMG OMG OMG the new mechanics please retro fit old stuff



    April 5, 2012

  • I know! We would love to see the new mechanics in the older quests too!



    April 6, 2012