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Archive for March, 2012


Skein of Shadows Cover Reveal!

Skein of Shadows by Marsheila Rockwell

Continuing the story that began in The Shard Axe, Sabira finds herself drawn into an expedition into the Underdark, where she discovers drow intrigue and dire secrets.

Item Code: 49791000
Release Date: July 3, 2012
Format: eBook



Grand 250th DDOcast on March 31st!

DDOcast - A DDO Podcast!Please join us for a celebration!

DDOcast 250 Celebration: Ode to Contributors!

We have interviews featuring your favorite contributors over the years:

  • Skaggy the Poet!
  • Rowanheal from Girl Gamer
  • PAX Reporter & Definitive Collectibles’ Stiener-D
  • Clankenbeard & Lessah!
  • Rheebus the Rogue
  • Samius the Fat Halfing
  • Shamgard from Epic Education
  • LittleWind from Lifting the Veil
  • OCD Gamer’s Ryz
  • Ecgric of Premium Perspective
  • Strype from Back to the Lab
  • Merlask (aka Tolero from Turbine!)
  • Alex Haddox from Inside the Monastery

Wow! 250 in FIVE YEARS! Please join us!!


DDOcast Shirts & Shinies for YOU!

Because  you asked so nicely!  Treasures for you!

You an view more merc goodies on our Shirts and Shinies Page >>


DDOcast 249

DDOcast is a weekly DDO podcast created by fans for fans! We discuss nearly everything related to Dungeons and Dragons Online.

Episode 249 is ready! Here’s a LINK to the episode – just left-click to play, right-click and ‘save as’ to download as an mp3. You can find DDOcast on iTunes, the Zune Marketplace and

This week Sig & Anne talk about the latest DDO news, answer some listener mail, and discuss tips to prepare for the comming changes to DDO. We also have another great segment from Shamgar in his latest Epic Education!

This episode’s music is…THE DEMI-HUMAN DRINKING SONG! By Dan Marcotte from his 2009 album MANTICORES AND OWLBEARS. You can purchase this album and more of Dan’s work on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby.


Just listen to this episode of DDOcast! But do it soon, your chance to win will end APRIL 6, 2012 @ 11:59PM PDT!


DDOcast Episode 249 (03-17-12)

0:01:03 Intro
0:01:47 DDO News
0:10:30 Sponsor Break
0:12:28 Round Table: Prepare for Change!
0:23:30 Shamgar’s Epic Ed: TOD part 2
0:34:44 DDOcast news
0:37:53 Whatcha been doing in DDO?
0:43:38 DDO Community News
0:48:35 Lightning Post
0:54:44 General Gaming News
1:02:24 Closing


TOTAL TIME: 1:03:40


LINK for Update 13 Patch 1 now on Lamannia

LINK for PayPal now Accepted for VIP Subscriptions for all Turbine Games

LINK for DDO Coming to you soon on a Cloud Stream!

LINK for Streaming Games & Demos @ Gaikai

LINK for MajMaphunktion Reports on Broken “Things” on Update 13

LINK for DDO Store Sales

LINK for Eberron Chronicle

LINK for Melange (Turbine Dev) is looking for feed back on the new Korthos Dungeon Master

LINK for Festival of the Traveler Video on YouTube

LINK for Baldur’s Gate and Baldur’s Gate II will be REFORGED!

LINK for New D&D Boardgame by WotC: Lords of Waterdeep

LINK for Tékumel creator Professor MAR “Phil” Barker dead at 83

LINK for Diablo III is Now Available for Pre-Order

LINK for EverOuest, after 13 years, goes FINALLY goes free-to-play


No DDOcast This Weekend

Oh-nos! Puppies, kittens, and baby kobolds cry!

Anne has a ton of work related things to catch up on this weekend, but we will return in force on Saturday, March 24th @ 3PM EST (Noon PST / GMT -5).


DDOcast 248

DDOcast is a weekly DDO podcast created by fans for fans! We discuss nearly everything related to Dungeons and Dragons Online – Eberron Unlimited.

Episode 248 is ready! Here’s a LINK to the episode – just left-click to play, right-click and ‘save as’ to download as an mp3. You can find DDOcast on iTunes, the Zune Marketplace and

This week Sig and Anne talk DDO talk about U13, the Menace of the Underdark Pre-order Packs, and a Crunchy Bits TR Build. We’ve also got the latest from our segments crew: Ecgric’s Premium Perspective, Shamgar’s Epic Education, Rheebus’ DDO Top 10, and Strife’s Back to the Lab.

Today’s Music is…ROLL A D6…which is the brain child of Colorado filmmaker Connor Anderson wrote this song as a parody of Far East Movement’s LIKE A G6. For more info visit theirFacebook page of the same title. You can buy the single of ROLL A D6 on iTunes.


DDOcast Episode 248 (03-05-12)

0:00:31 Intro
0:01:33 DDO News
0:12:15 Sponsor Break
0:13:42 Pre-Order MotU FAQ
0:36:10 Ecgric Premium Perspective
0:43:24 Shamgar’s Epic Ed
0:53:39 Rheebus’ Top 10
1:02:30 Lich Line Caller: Best PM Spells
1:11:31 Back to the LAB
1:16:18 What’s up in DDO?
1:21:21 Round Table: Update 13
1:30:25 DDO Community News
1:34:39 Lightning Post
1:41:50 Crunchy Bits: TR Elf Ranger/Fighter/Rog
1:56:20 General Gaming News
2:02:04 Closing


TOTAL TIME: 02:03:40


LINK for Update 13 Now Live as of Monday, Feb 27th

LINK for Pre-Order Menace of the Underdark

LINK for DDO’s Executive Producer Fernando Birthday Announcement

LINK for Thursday on March 1st Hot-Fix for Update 13

LINK for Hotix FAQ: Broken Six Year Old B-day Cakes & MotU Pre-Order Tickets

LINK for BUG: Epic Scrolls not Dropping

LINK for Official MotU FAQ

LINK for Eberron Chronicle

LINK for Ecgric’s MotU Cost Analyzer

LINK for Shamgar’s (PJS-Techie) MotU Pre-Order & Number Crunching (TP/$)

LINK for DDM’s Realm Now Updated with U13 Items & Quests

LINK for DDOcast gets a shout out in this week’s emailler from DDO/Turbine!

LINK for Order of the Stick Kickstarter

LINK for PAX East 2012 is a month away!

LINK for GenCon 2012 Passes and Tickets now on Sale!

LINK for Video games sales down, hobby games up in 2011

LINK for Dungeons and Dragons 1st Edition Reprint Covers Revealed

DDOcast  248 - A DDO Podcast


Happy GM’s Day! And Remember Gary Gygax Day

GMs Day: March 4th

Yes, all you gamer geeks out there. March 4th is worldwide GM Day, a day where we recognize the hard work and dedication of our GMs. Our game masters who spend hours planning the dungeons our adventurers crawl through. Those brave souls that let us use those uber-kewl new feats we found in some little-known supplement. Those dedicated individuals who, even though we have destroyed their detailed storylines over and over, continue to try and bring us a story anyway.

In 2008 of the same day, “The Orginal DM” Gary Gygax passed away. In the 1960s, he created an organization of wargaming clubs and founded the Gen Con gaming convention. In 1971, he helped develop Chainmail, a miniatures wargame based onmedieval warfare. He co-founded the company Tactical Studies Rules (TSR, Inc.) with childhood friend Don Kaye in 1973. The following year, he and Dave Arneson created Dungeons & Dragons, which expanded on his work on Chainmail and included elements of the fantasy stories he loved as a child.

GM’s Day is the brainchild of the folks at, once of the most popular gaming forums on the net. What started as a little net appreciation for GMs turned into an annual event. It’s an excuse to buy your GM a bribe so he or she won’t smite your character outright. Pamper your GM with a gift of games, beer, snacks, and/or hug!

Gary Gygax