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Oh-nos! Anne failed her STR Check!

Hey DDO & DDOcast fans!

I failed my Strength Check this week and took 1d10 damage from an evil moving box this week. My cleric told me to rest as much as I can while my back heals. This means no pushing, pulling, lifting, driving, typing nor mousing (too much) until the swelling goes down.  Sadly this means no DDO nor DDOcast for me this week.  We have a lot of things lined up, but we’ll just have to save them for the following week, and present them to you live on Sat, Feb 11th.

Thanks to everyone who’ve already wished me well! And thanks to everyone for understanding, we’ll be back soon enough with your favorite DDO news! How could we not with U13 just around the corner this Feb 22nd!

In the mean time, enjoy this little cartoon by our friend Stan! over at



  • Ouch! Hope you feel better soon.


    February 6, 2012