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Update 12 Vaults of the Artificers

Info on Update 12 was released today and officially titled Vaults of the Artificers! Update 12 will be coming soon to DDO live servers, but you can now preview it on the Lamannia servers.

Vaults of the Artificers features new challenge system, where you earn some pretty awesome loot!

  • VIPs get unlimited access to all Challenge quests at all times
  • Free and Premium players can buy the Challenge Pack. And just like Adventure packs, its a one time purchase that gives you unlimited access.
  • Free and Premium players can also buy Single Access tokens
  • Try before you buy! Each day, players can get a Daily Challenge Token.  You can use this token to try out a challenge at anytime.
  • And much like Adventure Guest Passes you can buy Challenge Guest Passes for a friend.

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And of course, what everyone has been waiting for, the ability to unlock the Artificer class with favor earned in the new U11 and U12 quests. There are also some new features available for purchase in the DDO Store:

  • New Platinum Sharing for characters on the same account on the same server. VIPs get the first tier automatically.
  • Four new Armor kits, two are for warforged
  • Challenge Powerups: buffs that help you get an edge inside Challenge quests.
  • Challenge power ups
  • Purchase and use Gold Seal hirelings two levels above your character.

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Also released today, a Dev Diary Q&A with Design Director Ian “MadFloyd” Currie, Web Content Developer Kyle “FordyTwo” Horner, Associate Content Designer“FlimsyFirewood”, Content Designer Phil “The Rocking Dead” Speer, Senior Community Specialist Amanda “Tolero” Grow and (the heroically-named) Content Designer Steve “Steelstar” Rogers.

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