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To Honor a Fallen Hero: Faylyn of the Wild Bunch

Sovereign Host - DDOcast - A DDO Podcast

You can download the MP3 HERE.

OCD Gamer Rhyz asked us to post this special announcement.

Faylyn the guild leader for Wild Bunch on Thelanis, who passed away this week. An in-game funeral will be held for her this Tuesday.

  • Date: Tuesday, September 6th
  • Service Time: 9:00 PM EST (GMT -4)
  • Location: Temple of the Sovereign Host in House Denieth

It will start at 9PM EST, Tuesday Sept 6th in the Temple of the sovereign host in house Denieth. Reception to follow will be 11 man shrouds, holding that last spot for our beloved paladin who led us so many times against the evils of Shavrath. We’ll start as many groups as needed. If you’re so inclined, bring a khopesh to fight with as Fay literally had almost a 100 khopeshes on her “elvin blender”

For more info contact Rhyz at ryz567 (at) or twitter @ryz567