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DDOcast on G+

DDOcast does have a G+ account, but that could all change in a moment’s notice! Still, you can find it here:

Got caught by the Google+ name police: To use Google+ features (including Picasa) you have to be an individual not group nor multiple persons. You also have to use a real name if you get caught violating naming policies! And Google will ask for photo ID validation. (You can read more on Google+ Naming Policies here.)

Why: apparently Google says their naming policy cuts down on spam and phishing via social networks. So we thought it was worth the effort to work and keep a G+ account for DDOcast.

What does it mean for DDOcast: we’ll have to operate this G+ account under a single name. We decided to do this under Sig’s name. He does have another personal account though and really the only way you’ll tell the difference is by the profile icon.

How we will use G+: we’ll still post DDO news items and DDOcast announcements! so don’t worry about that! We’ll do that for as long as we can! We’re hoping that Google+ will have a way for organizations to have G+ accounts, but that also may mean that we’ll have to provide proof of “Doing Business As”.

The Caveat: Should G+ change its policies to say “no, you can only have one G+ account” then this will explain why we aren’t posting here! You can find our Facebook page here: and our Twitter Feed here:!/ddocast And of course our web site at

Here are our personal G+ accounts, though we can’t promise talk about DDO if you follow us! +Anne Trent and +Sigfried Trent

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