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Update 10 Patch 1 Goes Live Wed, 7/12! With Crafting Changes

Cannithitem Device

Madfloyd elaborates on the new crafting changes for Update 10 Patch 1 on the DDO Forums:

A patch is going live tomorrow that includes changes to crafting. Some of these changes are simply conveniences (recipes can now pull ingredients out of bags, device animations have been sped up, etc), but there are also a fair number of recipe changes.

The release notes will have more details about the patch, but here is an early look at the types of changes you’re going to see in the crafting devices:

  • All of the regular Bane & Greater Bane recipes, as well as well as recipes for several of the other more powerful effects in game, have been updated. The changes involve swapping ingredients or adding in additional ones.
    • Some of the additional ingredients are new. One is called the ‘Purified Eberron Dragonshard Fragment’ and can be obtained from the crafting vendor in exchange for various precious items and others are specific to certain regions of the game.
    • Other ingredient additions include Soul Gems, potions from favor reward vendors, and various slayer arrows found in treasure throughout the game.
  • Named raid loot will not be used as one of the new ingredient types – it is not our intention to use named raid loot as a part of the cannith crafting so that crafting remains accessible to a variety of players.

Many of these recipes, when combined with other effects available in crafting can result in extremely powerful items that approach raid loot. All in all this is a good thing; after all, crafting is a fair alternative to raiding. We just want to ensure that there’s a sense of balance between the various routes. We were concerned that some of these items may be too easy to create once you attained the required crafting level and we didn’t want to upset the equilibrium of the game. We would rather proceed cautiously.

Official Patch notes for Update 10 Patch 1 on the Live servers will be available after tomorrow’s update, 6:00 AM – 11:00 AM Eastern (-4 GMT) Wednesday, July 13.

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