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DDO Store Summer Specials : Week 3

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Update 10 Patch 1 Goes Live Wed, 7/12! With Crafting Changes

Cannithitem Device

Madfloyd elaborates on the new crafting changes for Update 10 Patch 1 on the DDO Forums:

A patch is going live tomorrow that includes changes to crafting. Some of these changes are simply conveniences (recipes can now pull ingredients out of bags, device animations have been sped up, etc), but there are also a fair number of recipe changes.

The release notes will have more details about the patch, but here is an early look at the types of changes you’re going to see in the crafting devices:

  • All of the regular Bane & Greater Bane recipes, as well as well as recipes for several of the other more powerful effects in game, have been updated. The changes involve swapping ingredients or adding in additional ones.
    • Some of the additional ingredients are new. One is called the ‘Purified Eberron Dragonshard Fragment’ and can be obtained from the crafting vendor in exchange for various precious items and others are specific to certain regions of the game.
    • Other ingredient additions include Soul Gems, potions from favor reward vendors, and various slayer arrows found in treasure throughout the game.
  • Named raid loot will not be used as one of the new ingredient types – it is not our intention to use named raid loot as a part of the cannith crafting so that crafting remains accessible to a variety of players.

Many of these recipes, when combined with other effects available in crafting can result in extremely powerful items that approach raid loot. All in all this is a good thing; after all, crafting is a fair alternative to raiding. We just want to ensure that there’s a sense of balance between the various routes. We were concerned that some of these items may be too easy to create once you attained the required crafting level and we didn’t want to upset the equilibrium of the game. We would rather proceed cautiously.

Official Patch notes for Update 10 Patch 1 on the Live servers will be available after tomorrow’s update, 6:00 AM – 11:00 AM Eastern (-4 GMT) Wednesday, July 13.

Read the original thread here >>


Crafting with…Courtney! DDOcast 5

Courtney makes a ring to boost Armor Class, and helps people figure out what can go where!


Donate DDO Poems to Skagtraviganza!

Skaggy’s First Anniversary of composing DDO Poetry is soon upon us! That’s right he’s been creating poems for DDOCast and DDO fans to enjoy for a year now! Let’s celebrate by giving all our favorite DDO poems to Skaggy! Skaggy will then produce a special Skagtraviganza podcast for us to enjoy!

Not convinced yet? How about a poem to set you in the mood:

Cherished D-D-O Players
Do you love your M-M-O-R-P-G?
Are you a forum naysayer?
We are calling you out, hear our plea!

Donate your poems! That is what Skaggy needs
For you must have something to say
D-D-O hopes, dreams or dirty misdeeds
We beseech you to send poems without delay

Reasons why you want to donate your DDO Poems

  • You are a closet poet and now this is your chance to let your inner poetical beast out!
  • You love DDO and Skaggy so much you wish to serenade him with your melodious words.
  • Perhaps you are angry at the devs for gimping your build in the last update. Emotionally move them through the power of poetry!
  • You weep silently because your Druid dreams have been dashed time and time again. This is the time to expose your anguishing and grief-stricken heart in the form of melancholic balladry.

How to Donate Your Poems

You can post them here in our comment’s section or you can email them to either or skaggythepoet (at)

Thanks everyone!


DDOcast 224

Episode 224 is ready! Here’s a LINK to the episode – just left-click to play, right-click and ‘save as’ to download as an mp3. You can find DDOcast on iTunes, the Zune Marketplace and

This week Sig and Anne DDO news, Update 10 Patch 1 notes, Reign of Madness Items and Alter of Madness, DDO Community news, and more! OCD Gamer goes over the Shroud Puzzle and Skaggy sings a drinking song in DDO Poetry Corner!

Today’s Music is from a Dungeons & Dragons skit by Tripod from their comedy musical Tripod versus the Dragon; which you can buy as a CD or DVD at Tripod is an Australian musical comedy act, specialising in improv, parody and satire. You can find more info on Tripod at

Happy Birthday (July 7th) to Keith Baker! Thanks for creating the Eberrron Campaign Setting and many other games for us to play!!


DDOcast Episode 224 (07-09-2011)

00:46 Intro
02:19 Update 10 Patch 1 Notes On Lamannia
12:58 U10 Patch 1 sent back to the Drawing Board!
16:59 DDO Game News
19:43 Donate Your DDO Poems to Skaggy!
21:07 Sponsor Break
22:27 Round Table Talk: New Update 10 Named Items & Alter of Insanity
33:54 DDO Poetry Corner with Skaggy the Poet
39:39 OCD Gamer with Rhyz
48:34 DDO Community News + DDO Podcasts Review
56:50 What’s New in DDO with Us
1:00:10 General Gaming News
1:01:09 DDOcast Mail Bag: Illusion Spells & Thanks for the Build!
1:11:48 Closing


TOTAL TIME: 1:14:25


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LINK for GenCon 2011 Thread is Now Up on the DDO Forums

LINK for 2011 Ennie Award Nominee’s Announced!

LINK forPenny Arcade Expo Prime in Seattle, WA Aug 26-28

LINK for OCD Gamer’s Shround Puzzle Cheet Sheet

LINK for Learn the Math of Shroud’s Lights Out Puzzle

LINK for Light’s Off for iPhone

LINK for Shroud Lights Out for Android

LINK for HTML5 Lights Out Web Game

DDOcast 224

Sig and Anne


DDO’s First Novel: The Shard Axe!

The Shard Axe by Marcy RockwellMarcy just posted the final cover of her new novel, The Shard Axe, which will be released this September. We think it looks awesome! Hopefully, will update the book cover on the product page soon!

The Shard Axe

Sentinel Marshal Sabira d’Deneith has spent the last eight years trying to drown the memories of the mission that cost her partner his life and gave her the nickname “The Shard axe.” Until she’s recalled from the city of Stormreach to carry out a mission on House Deneith’s behalf–protect and defend the heir of the dwarven city of Frostmantle during his murder trial. The same heir she and her partner guarded eight years ago in the same city–from the same style of murders. Is the dreaded Nightshard still alive and taunting her? Or is there another serial killer loose in the Mror Holds?

About Marcy Rockwell

Marsheila Rockwell is, in no particular order, an author, poet, editor, engineer, Navy wife and mother of three incredible boys. She currently lives in Arizona in the shadow of an improbably green mountain. She is a frequent Rhysling nominee and a sporadic member of the SFWA, IAMTW and SFPA. The Shard Axe will be her second book in the Eberron setting (the first, Legacy of Wolves, was published in 2007). In addition to her novels, she has penned dozens of short stories and poems, and even an article or two

Read Marcy’s Blog Post Here >>

Listen to an Interview with Marcy Rockwell in DDOcast Ep 205 >>

Pre-order The Shard Axe Here >>


Lamannia History: Update 10 Patch 1 Paused



The train has been stopped. The patch will not ship in its current state.

I will update (probably via a separate thread) when I have more news, but I can say this:

We will NOT require raid loot as ingredients.

We will NOT require bound named items as ingredients.

Many ingredients, and the *amount* of some of these ingredients were out of line.

These changed recipes should have been reviewed by various designers, but weren't (a hole in our process that we have identified and corrected to avoid for the future).

Mournlands did not have an opportunity to see or comment on these changes.

Again, I'll post more info when I have it.

Our sincere apologies for causing panic, and many thanks to all players who offered their well-thought out and constructive feedback on this issue and tried the changes on Lamannia.


Madfloyd @ the Lamannia Forums >>

This is a historical moment: Play testers on Lamannia actually stopped a crappy update from being pushed to live!


DDO Store Sales 7/8-7/14

DDO Store Sales 7/8-7/14

The Monk class is worth it. I personally like the hirelings. I don’t think its worth buying weapons from the store.


Update 10 Patch 1 on Lamannia


The Lammania preview server is now offering a sneak peek of Update 10 Patch 1!


Notable Notes from Lammania Update 10 Patch 1

These release notes were posted on Thursday, July 7th, 2011. These notes are subject to change. Most notable improvements and fixes for Update 10 Patch 1 are

  • Items can now be dragged directly from Collectible, Ingredients and other bags into Eldritch, Crafting and other devices. Additionally, Eldritch, Crafting and other devices will pull required ingredients directly from bags when a recipe is selected.
  • Several recipes have been removed from the unbound crafting devices, but remain on the bound devices.
  • Some crafting recipe requirements have been adjusted to be more in line with other recipes at their level.
  • Many higher level crafting recipes have had their ingredients adjusted to make them more challenging to make.
  • Crafted items that should bypass damage reduction (such as Holy) will now do so.
  • Lesser Vampirism and Vampirism effects can no longer be applied to ranged weapons, since these effects do not work on ranged weapons.
  • Ghost Touch crafted handwraps now work.
  • The Aura of Menace projected by a Favored Soul’s Angel of Vengeance is now suppressed when the player is sneaking or invisible.
  • Greensteel items that were missing their Frost properties now have them.
  • The Mantle of the Worldshaper will no longer lose charges when a player hits an enemy with a weapon that has the Vampiric effect on it.
  • Items granted by Swag Bag Vouchers are now bound to character.
  • Crafting ingredients are now generated separately from normal loot, and will no longer take up a normal loot slot in chests.
  • Bless, Scorching Ray, Frost Lance, and Polay Ray can no longer be Enlarged.
  • Polar Ray now has its previously-missing double range benefit.
  • The effect of Symbol of Weakness will no longer be removed from targets when they leave the area of the symbol.
  • Monsters affected by Incendiary Cloud’s blindness effect will now display the blindness symbol over their head.
  • Worldwide XP bonuses (such as the bonuses granted during special weekend events) now apply to landscapes as well as dungeons.

Read the full Lamannia Release Notes for July 7, 2011 here and the Known Issues List here. 404error (DDO Dev) wants your crafting feedback here.

You can download the Lamannia client here.


DDO CtH ep 55, Guild Drama Part 3

CTH, Episode 55 Guild Drama, Part 3 Choose Wisely Welcome to the DDO Cocktail Hour where we discuss the social aspects of Dungeons and Dragons Online, Eberron Unlimited. This week we wrap up our discussion of Guild Drama with tips on choosing guildmate…

This post is syndicated from OurDDO Clean.


Crafting with…Courtney! DDOcast 4

Courtney crafts a blade fit for Dol Dorn!


Sad News for Risia Crafters: Craftable Items are not Random Items

Craftable items are not treated as "randomly generated" by the Risia upgrade system, so those items cannot be modified by it.


Question: Will Risia Ice Recipes work on Crafted Weapons?
Short Answer: No. The Risian crafting alter will only accept randomly generated item. Once you disjunction an item, is no longer considered a random item.


Buy DDO Store Points!

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DDOcast 223

Episode 223 is ready! Here’s a LINK to the episode – just left-click to play, right-click and ‘save as’ to download as an mp3. You can find DDOcast on iTunes, the Zune Marketplace and

This week Sig and Anne DDO news, Community Upates, and Festivult is back! We also have a new DDO Poetry Corner, Premium Perspective, and Top 10

This week’s music is “Never Split the Party” by Emerald Rose of their 2007 comedy album, Con Suite. You can find more info about them or purchase CDs at their website at

Join THE Skag-traviganza! Skaggy’s DDO Poetry Anniversary Podcast!

Skaggy has his complete DDO poetry collection on his website! Visit and comment on your favorite DDO poems. Have you got a DDO Poem? Then send it in to Skaggy, he may just read it out loud for you! If you got a DDO Poem, record it and he’ll include it in his anniversary podcast! You can participate by visiting Skaggy’s DDO Archive and Make A Comment or by emailing him at skaggythepoet(at)

Join us at PAX PRIME 2011

If you’re going to PAX in Seattle this year send us an Email at!


DDOcast Episode 223 (07-01-11)

0:32 Intro
2:25 New is Up!
3:24 DDO News
17:22 Sponsor Break: Nightmare in Stormreach II!
18:32 DDO Round Table Talk: New Festival Ideas for DDO
23:13 DDO Poetry Corner with Skaggy The Poet
29:05 DDO Community News
38:48 What’s New in DDO with Us!
41:48 Crunchy Bits Mail
54:16 Premium Perspective with Ecgric
59:30 Top 10 with Rheebus the Rogue
1:03:15 Gaming Related News
1:11:09 Closing


TOTAL TIME: 1:12:55


LINK for Festivult in July 2011

LINK for Sad News for Risia Crafters: Craftable Items are not Random Items

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LINK forSoon Crafting Recipes will be able to Pull Ingredients from Bags

LINK for FordyTwo is looking for your feedback on his Cleric 101 article

LINK for More Inside Details on How Loot Tables Work

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LINK for Eberron Chronicle (for the 2nd of July)

LINK for Pjstechie (our own Shamgar) is offering helpful tips and advice for running Epic quests on his MyDDO

LINK for Mosch has some fun telling a story about getting a giant to become an actor!

LINK for Crafting with Courtney “Trinket of Secret Door Detection”

LINK for G3 Radio invades DDO now on Youtube

LINK for DDO Cocktail Hour Episode 54, Guild Drama Part 2, Drama Llama

LINK for More Rumors about Turbine’s Console MMO Game

LINK for SOE is shutting down Star Wars Galaxies servers in December 15, 2011

LINK for GenCon is also around the corner: August 4-7 in Indianapolis, Indiana

LINK for Wizards of the Coast will be pushing Forgotten Realms with Neverwinter the PC

LINK Ampersand: Bill Slavicseck Says Fairwell!

LINK for Wizards of the Coast Bill Slavicsek Leaves Amidst Layoffs

LINK for Penny Arcade Expo PRIME 2011 Sold Out!

DDOcast 223

Sig and Anne


Festivult July 2011 Cookie List

winter beholder

Hey DDO Fans and DDOcast Listeners,

Here are the list of cookies for this year’s Festivult in July 2011. If you’re looking for DDO Festivult cakes, they’re here. Keep in mind this list is good for July 2011 and will probably change by the next time Festivult rolls around. Enjoy!

Icon Name Spell
cookie Arraetrikos Cookie Meteor Swarm
cookie Beholder Cookie Disintegrate
cookie Black Abbot Cookie Stoneskin
cookie Black Abishai Cookie Remove Fear
cookie Blue Abishai Cookie Blur
cookie Green Abishai Cookie Neutralize Poison
cookie Hezrou Cookie Infernal Power
cookie Queen Lailat, the Marilith Cookie Burning Blood
cookie Red Abishai Cookie Protection from Energy: Fire
cookie Stormreaver Cookie Call Lightning Storm
cookie Succubus Cookie Mass Charm Monster
cookie Suulomades Cookie Freedom of Movement
cookie Velah, the Red Dragon Cookie Velah, the Red Dragon Cookie
cookie Warforged Titan Cookie Titan’s Grip
cookie White Abishai Cookie Fire Shield (cold version)
cookie Xyzzy Cookie Bee Breath

Festivult July 2011 Cake List

Hey DDO Fans,

Here’s a table of this season’s Festivult cake list. I’m doing this because I’ve always wanted a nice summary of the cakes, their name, and what they do (ALL IN ONE PLACE. No clicking through links to read details.) But if you are a “give me MOAR NAO” person, I’ve given you links to the DDO compendium. Keep in mind this list is good for July 2011 and will probably change by the next time Festivult rolls around. Enjoy!

Icon Name Spell
cookie Daanvi, the Perfect Order Jelly Cake Defender of Law
cookie Dal Quor, the Region of Dreams Jelly Cake Wondrous Power
cookie Dolurrh, the Realm of the Dead Jelly Cake Death Ward
cookie Fernia, the Sea of Fire Jelly Cake Fire Shield (fire version)
cookie Irian, the Eternal Day Jelly Cake Sunburst
cookie Kythri, the Churning Chaos Jelly Cake Hound of Chaos
cookie Lamannia, the Twilight Forest Jelly Cake Spike Growth
cookie Mabar, the Endless Night Jelly Cake Phantasmal Killer
cookie Risia, the Plane of Ice Jelly Cake Ice Storm
cookie Shavarath, the Battleground Jelly Cake Master’s Touch
cookie Syrania, the Azure Sky Jelly Cake Jump
cookie Thelanis, the Faerie Court Jelly Cake Prismatic Spray
cookie Xoriat, the Realm of Madness Jelly Cake Otto’s Sphere of Dancing

PS: Festivult July 2011 Cookie List is found here.


UStream Now on


Okay! I had a herp-derp moment and forgot that I could embed the Ustream and chat channel into our very own pages!

Now on Saturdays @ 3:00 PM Eastern (Noon Pacific) you can Surf to >> DDOcast Podcast >> Listen to DDOcast Live!. or bookmark the URL

Enjoy this wonderful-mergarific thingy I have made!


Cool D&D Cross Ads on

Dark Legacy of Evard Ad

I think its really awesome cool that DDO is advertising for D&D stuff! I always get a warm fuzzy geek feeling when my favorite gaming brand works in tandem with other production houses. You should go to, click on the link for Dark Legacy of Evard adventure. If you’ve never played table top D&D, 4e is a great place to get started! Most stores are running this campaign adventure and there will be other new players with you!

Read more at >>

Go straight to Wizards of the Coast’s Dark Legacy of Evard Page >>


Summer Sales Now through End of July

Summer Sales

Some of my favorite stuffs! SP pots and Bells of Opening FTW!! Pity crafting xp boosts aren’t on there.